The PSA Office a smart new phenomenon!

Unprecedented Value

In your town, newly relocated young families will be excited and proud of their Dentist’s new Office! Today’s consumer looks for what we like to call the Starbuck’s Effect - a comfortably designed space with light and dark contrasting earth tones. Beautifully designed spaces include hints of chrome, stainless, and woodgrains. These features communicate a subtle message of sturdiness and quality. The PSA Office is the ONLY dental office design that offers this level of color. Choose from high-gloss-wood-grain cabinetry colors (MCC Brilliance). Choose chrome and powder-coated color choices for dental chairs, units, and lights. Take comfort in a lifetime warranty for any parts under the hood of your dental control head. Reduce anxiety with the reliable performance of the number one air/vac mechanical room, nitrous tank monitor, and the number one selling nitrous flowmeters. Thoughtfully choose comfortable seating in one of the many industrial mesh or ultra-leather stool choices from Crown Seating. There are so many things to get excited about, that you just can’t get it all on one page. And why did so many Dentists build Psa offices in 2017?


Please speak with your Dealer Equipment Specialist about Psa. My name is Matt Highland. I’ve been with Psa for twelve years. I am not a shrewd businessperson. We will creatively use your purchasing power to bundle this design project. We will trim fat where it needs to be trimmed. We will be meticulous about details in the operatories and mechanical room. We’ll thoughtfully stay true to the idea of minimizing twisting and reaching. You’ll choose beautiful colors and designs. But most importantly, I promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price. I’ll put you in touch with Dentists who have chosen Psa. Finally.....we live in an Uber world. I’ve already taken strides to help your designer to get pricing faster. It may not be here in once click, but we’ll try to think about it that way!